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Breadboard Rnd Small

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HK Living is a Dutch brand with a raw and edgy feel. Pure Modern Original Designs.

Inspired by the past and given an eclectic twist.

It is this combination that makes our HK Living collection so unique. An interior label with a global view!


Breadboard Round Small


     This renewed version of our old breadboard collection has an adjusted handle with metal ring.


     The bottom of the board is painted. The wood on top is untreated.

     We recommend to not use the board in combination with oily products. (It will mark)


     As with all natural timbers the board will change colour & mark with useage, we love a board that shows the history of life,           food & family though !


     Enjoy it & use it !


Wash with warm soapy water & air dry


Do not put in the dishwasher or store next to heat sources, this will cause the board to crack.


A fine sand & food grade safe oil occasionally applied as required




Diameter 25cm

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