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Bar Soap Packaged

  • $ 1995


Handcrafted with extra virgin olive oil, this indulgent and creamy soap will condition and cleanse without drying your skin.

Pure and natural, this product is completely free from artificial additives and preservatives.

• Olive Oil & Goats Milk (fragrance free)
• Salt Bush & Blue Gum
• Australian Bush Lemon

* Rose Geranium & Pink Clay

* Ylang Ylang & Coffee

* Bergamot & Charcoal

* Lemon Myrtle & Poppy Seed

* Blue Gum & Bentonite Clay

Soaps of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, Pure Water, Essential Oils and Botanicals.

3 x 80g Packaged Bar Soap

Now packaged in cute Calico Bags with drawstring closure !

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