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We are travellers and seekers.

We are lumberjacks, fishers, hunters and carpenters.

We are Storebrors.

We live our lives in log cabins in the woods, breath in fresh air.

We live a no-nonsense life and surround ourselves with matching stuff,
pure and authentic.

We live! 

Growing up we have been adventurers from our earliest memories.
Always dirty hands, covered in scratches and messy hair.

Nowadays we somehow have turned into global citizens.  Embracing new techniques, the world is our playground and we enjoy!

Great memories are part of our existence and to cherish these we desire
to surround ourselves with products that will remind us of those days.
Keeping this in mind we have created a collection, Storebror!

All products stand for pure and honest quality, items that fit your way of
living wherever home may be, a lake in Norway, a forest in Canada or a hill
in Australia.

We know that this collection will wake up the Storebror in you,
so let the adventure begin!  

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